The Critical Importance of Social Distancing While Outside

Social DistancingThere is no doubt that the recent COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm. As we edge yet closer to more than five million cases across the globe, the concept of social distancing is even more important now than ever before. This is why it is quite ironic that some leaders have not yet endorsed the appropriate actions. The simple fact of the matter is that social distancing can (and has) saved lives. This is why it is crucial to appreciate the positive impacts that social distancing can have in regards to halting the spread of coronavirus. Let us take a look at some basic principles and their effects upon disease transmission.

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing is simply the act of avoiding coming into close proximity with others who may or may not be infected with coronavirus. The most recent medical guidelines recommend that individuals keep at least tow metres apart while out and about (the approximate length of a broom handle). This will help to reduce the chances that airborne germs could spread; especially within confined spaces such as a small retail shop. However, social distancing while outdoors is just as prudent.

Why is Social Distancing While Outdoors so Important?

Many studies have shown that droplets which contain coronavirus can remain suspended in the air for appreciable lengths of time. As the viruses themselves are able to survive for relatively longer than other infections diseases, this makes COVID-19 even more potentially dangerous. The best way to substantially reduce transmission rates is to therefore keep at least two metres away from others. Let us also keep in mind that it may be up to 14 days before an individual begins to show any symptoms. Thus, they could very well be actively carrying the virus while remaining asymptomatic. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Embrace the Proper Distancing Habits?

Many individuals will find it difficult to adhere to the recommended social distancing guidelines. This makes a great deal of sense, as humans tend to enjoy close social contact such as hugging and shaking hands. Unfortunately, such actions will only serve to hasten the spread of this virus. This is why adopting a handful of habits is a good idea. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Proactively monitor how close you are to others while out and about.
  • Try to avoid large groups of people.
  • If possible, perform your shopping during hours of the day not associated with long queues.
  • Do not hesitate to politely ask someone to move back if you feel that they are too close.
  • Encourage distancing while at home in order to become accustomed to the basic mechanics.

Embracing the proper techniques will help to keep transmission rates low and as a result, life can begin to return to normal. We are all responsible for our actions, so never take the notion of social distancing lightly. Bradford House looks forward to seeing you soon.


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