Posture Problems

Posture assessment, Winchester

Bradford House Chiropractic Clinic is Winchester’s fast growing centre for the effective assessment of postural problems.


Posture is the window to the spine and poor posture can indicate there is a problem with a person’s spine. One of the first indicators of poor posture is a slouching or forward head posture. This posture can cause more strain on the posterior neck muscles. It also increases the weight bearing on the spinal discs. There are many causes of this type of posture. Posture problems can also result simply from poor sleep habits or sleeping on mattresses that don’t offer enough support. Another common posture problem is a forward tilt of the pelvis causing forward weight bearing and an increase in the lumbar lordosis (curvature). This can lead to lower back pain.

Posture Problems

Winchester Chiropractor, Max Atkinson says “A chiropractor searches for the problems that exist underneath poor posture”. At Bradford House Chiropractic Clinic our Chiropractors assess posture from the front, looking for changes in stance, i.e. the outward turning of one or both feet. We also observe the alignment of the knees, the levelling of the hips or pelvis, the height differences across the shoulders and tilting of the head and neck. From the side we look for forward tilting of the pelvis, forward head translation and increase in the spinal curvatures. All of these changes add up to changes in the spine. We also observe a person while walking to see if there are gait changes. Gait, or the walking cycle, is an important indicator of how poor foot alignment affects spinal posture. Have a look at our page on TOG Gaitscan for more information on this important topic.

At Bradford House Chiropractic Clinic our Chiropractors are highly qualified with years of experience in their respective fields, are Members of the British Chiropractic Association and the Royal College of Chiropractors, and are fully registered with the General Chiropractic Council.

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