Patient Testimonials

“Max has been my saviour, after feeling totally overwhelmed with continual Sacro-Iliac joint issues, Max actually diagnosed the problem and has continued to help me function again. His knowledge and thorough investigation is the best I have witnessed and believe me as a therapist and continually injured dancer I have seen way to many manual therapists. I whole heartedly recommend him to everyone who needs fixing!”
Katie S, lssm dip, Sports Massage Therapist and Dance Lecturer

“Always helpful and gets straight to the problem and puts it right”.
Karen K

“Good treatment and service has sorted my problems out after a bad accident”.
Andrew S

“I have been a regular user of the practice for a number of years and have and will continue to recommend it unreservedly”.
David H

“I first visited Max 2 yrs ago with a painful back. I can now run much more comfortably, my back hurts rarely and I can often manage my own pain. I’m a very happy customer”.
John C

“Yes I would recommend treatment with the practice. Always feel so much better after seeing Max in a friendly, relaxing setting”.
Enid B

“I would have no hesitation in recommending Max, I have been so much better since I have been having treatment, and wish that I had come a lot sooner!”
Jane P

“ Very professional and thorough. Friendly and reassuring”.
Paula R

“I would recommend Max Atkinson very highly for his professional approach, his knowledge and thorough examinations and treatment! His care has been of great benefit to me”.
Geraldine S

“As a sports therapist I can recommend clients for further treatment”!!!
June S

“ Sorted out my back quickly from severe pain”.
Richard C

“Very good treatment, always puts me at ease. Very professional, excellent manner”.
Ann W

“I had back problems for a number of years. The treatment I had was so effective that I have been trouble free for the past 3 years”.
Ian M

“Yes I do recommend Bradford House Chiropractic”!
Nick R

“Certainly, Max is extremely professional, thoroughly aware of the needs of the patient, competent and always fixes the problem. And entertaining!”.
Mike B

“I am grateful for the good treatment I have received for some time from Max”
Christopher B

“I feel safe and looked after. It can be a scary thing to be in pain and I am always listened to and made to feel looked after”.
Kelly V

“A superb, ultra-professional chiropractic clinic that always gets the job done”!
Brian M

“Friendly, patient, and always willing to thoroughly explain one’s condition and treatment. I have found Max to be very helpful and my experience at Bradford House to be a good one. I would definitely suggest choosing Bradford House for anyone seeking treatment”.
James C

“Very good and didn’t take as long as I thought it would to get me fit again”.
Joe M

“Having had a chronic lower back problem for over 30 years, I have visited a variety of Osteopaths/Chiropractors. I have been receiving excellent treatment from Max for the past 13 years – he always ‘Sorts it out’”.
Andrew W

“Professional and friendly service, highly recommend Bradford House Chiropractic”

“I have had back pain for many years. Having seen Max he very quickly addressed the problems I was having. Max is very professional and I felt I was in good hands right from the first consultation. My back is so much better and I can get on with life without being in pain. I would not hesitate in recommending Max to others. Thank you.”
Lin C

“I am over 70 years old, have played sport all my life and I have been going to Max for a good many years now. I have also had a back problem for many years but since becoming a patient of Max’s, I continue to play golf at least 3 times a week all year-round. Max gave a me a gait-scan some years ago and fitted me with custom made insoles and wearing these and attending his clinic twice a year for my “MOT”, I remain fully fit and pain free.

His staff are always helpful, courteous and efficient. Max himself is always available, even on a Saturday for a family member who had an emergency and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
David H

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