Types of Orthotic (Arch Supports)

At Bradford House Chiropractic Clinic we offer a range of orthotics for those who would benefit from them. From simple heel lifts and off-the-shelf arch supports to custom-made TOG orthotics manufactured from individual prescription.

The Orthotic Group (TOG) Arch Supports

These custom made insoles are extremely thin – generally 2, 3 or 3.5mm base – and unobtrusive. There are twenty or so types available. For the most part our customers seem to prefer the SuperFlex or SportFlex, which are exceptional general purpose orthotics.

The more specific type of insoles provided by TOG include:

  • DressFlex – for slim-fitting or narrow slip-on shoes
  • FashionFlex – for high-heel or dance shoes
  • CourtFlex – designed for high performance basketball/court players
  • RunFlex – for athletic footwear and high performance running shoes
  • SoccerFlex – for football boots
  • KidsFlex – extra deep heel cup to accommodate the larger fat pad found on the heel of young children.
  • SafetyFlex – designed for steel toe/composite safety boots
  • CushionFlex – for geriatric patients, arthritic feet
  • EagleFlex – for golfers who require comfort and support on the golf course

Sandals?  Due to their open nature, sandals and insoles generally don’t get on. However some orthotic styles can be attached to the sandal in such a way as to maintain their position, please talk to the chiropractor performing your scan about this.

If you are unsure which orthotic style would be best for you don’t worry, your chiropractor will be able to advise you after your Gaitscan and show you samples of each. If your scan indicates that they are necessary then you will be able to decide on the right type and the order can be placed straight away.

To book an appointment at Bradford House Chiropractic Clinic for a Gaitscan simply call 01962 861188 and be sure to ask for a GAITSCAN appointment. The scan is currently free of charge to all clients and takes approximately 20 minutes. The price for Orthotics can be discussed at the time if it appears that they are indicated.



Please take a look around our site and if you think we can help you please call 01962 861188. If you are new to chiropractic why not book a FREE SCREENING appointment with our chiropractor to chat about your problem and see if we can help.

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