Elective Check Ups

At this point in time it will have been a while since your first treatment and provided there had not been any major hiccups on the way, you will be as good as we can get you. This may be:

  • Better than you have been for a long while.
  • Back to your normal old self or
  • Better than you were before you came to see us but still with varying degrees of discomfort or stiffness.

‘Why should I consider having an elective check up?  I feel fine now.’

family-chiropractic-careWhen feeling better there can be the tendency to let slip exercises and preventative advice. Life is always about spinning plates and there always seem to be other more important things popping up to help distract you from what you ought be doing to keep as good as you could be.

Many of our patients, particularly those with a history of musculoskeletal problems or whose circumstances mean they keep aggravating their problem, find that periodic elective check-ups and treatments are beneficial to help them achieve longer periods out of pain or better able to cope with everyday activities.  Many of our patients just report feeling much more mobile with the occasional elective check up.

An elective check up is also our chance to modify any advice as lives change.  Please keep doing your exercises.  Anything better than zero is good, even if you do not manage them as regularly as you should – they could help your work better.

It’s entirely up to you to decide if you want elective check ups. On an individual basis your chiropractors will discuss how often is best for you after considering such factors as any pre-existing damage, previous episodes, occupation/lifestyle to name a few.

Some of the benefits reported by our patients who have elective check ups

They report that elective check ups can help them to:

  • Keep at work.
  • Enjoy their time with their family.
  • Enable them to play their favourite sports or pursue a hobby.
  • Enable them to enjoy their retirement to the full.

Simply, for some people it could help to keep them doing the things that are important to them. Do not feel pressurised into having elective care. The decision is entirely yours. If you decide that you do not want to have elective care or we consider it not necessary for you based on your problem then we will be delighted to see you on a ‘as need basis’ should you get in to trouble in the future.

Please take a look around our site and if you think we can help you please call 01962 861188. If you are new to chiropractic why not book a FREE SCREENING appointment with our chiropractor to chat about your problem and see if we can help.

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