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What are Low-Level Laser Treatments and What are Their Chiropractic Benefits?

Lasers have enjoyed a presence within the medical community for decades. While they are most commonly known for their ability to accurately cut tissue, certain configurations can be used to address a host of health issues. These are often known … Continue Reading

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The Critical Importance of Social Distancing While Outside

There is no doubt that the recent COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm. As we edge yet closer to more than five million cases across the globe, the concept of social distancing is even more important now than … Continue Reading

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Keeping Active at Home During Lockdown

Strictly speaking, ‘lockdown’ is not a scientific term, but describes any of the unprecedented social distancing measures implemented, globally, to slow the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which force people to stay at home. Keeping active is paramount to … Continue Reading

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Effective Exercises to Strengthen Your Lower Back

Your back has an extremely complex muscle group. As a result, it should come as no surprise that countless individuals suffer from lower lumbar pain from time to time. It has been estimated that at least 80 percent of all … Continue Reading

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Your “Straight-Up” Guide to Good Posture

Maintaining the proper posture has more benefits than you may think and ironically, relatively few of us can appreciate the correct techniques. Poor posture can result in lower levels of flexibility, a decreased range of motion, improper balance, and an … Continue Reading

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What Is a Migraine

A migraine usually feels like an intense, debilitating headache, but much worse. It is a neurological condition, often accompanied by other symptoms. The frequency and intensity of migraines are different from one person to the next and are found in … Continue Reading

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How Can Cold Weather Affect Your Joints?

Anyone who suffers from arthritis is likely aware of how weather conditions can impact their joints. This is particularly the case when temperatures begin to drop. Although some individuals are even able to predict future changes, it is also interesting … Continue Reading

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Reducing Arthritis Risks

Joint Pain is common, but it’s not well understood. It is in fact not a single disease; it’s a term used to refer to all sorts of pain in joints from osteoarthritis. There are over a hundred types of different … Continue Reading

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A Quick Look at the Causes and Symptoms of Vertigo

Most of us experience dizzy spells from time to time. Caused by situations such as generalised disequilibrium or anxiety, such feelings are transient and will normally resolve themselves without the need of any medical intervention. However, vertigo is another situation … Continue Reading

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Drinking Water and Your Health: An Inextricable Link

A sizeable percentage of the human body is comprised of water and it only makes sense that this universal element is essential for our daily existence. From aiding in numerous cellular processes to enabling our brains to send messages to … Continue Reading

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