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Get On Your Feet with ‘On Your Feet Britain’

on your feet BritainPublished statistics show that the average time spent sitting, daily, is 8.9 hours! ‘Get Britain Standing’ is holding another ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day, on the 28th of April 2017 to educate us on the major health problems that sitting too long every day, could be heading us towards, and to motivate us to get on our feet and do something about it for ourselves! We might all want to be more active, but as Max Atkinson, a Winchester Chiropractor at Bradford House Chiropractic explains, back pain while standing or walking, or lack of mobility due to joint and muscle problems are problems that hold many of us back. Experiencing pain and discomfort in our joints and soft tissues, often arising from simple to fix, biomechanical causes can make us more inclined to sit on the sidelines. Walking and standing is good for us and by spending too much time sitting, we miss participating in physical activities such as sport, gardening and all the other elements of everyday life that we used to enjoy. The holistic Chiropractic method of treatment can be hugely beneficial in helping to reduce pain and increase mobility. Max Atkinson’s message is, ‘Don’t let pain sideline you, if you are experiencing back pain while standing or walking, find out how Chiropractic can help you. Call your Winchester Chiropractor on 01962 861188 to discuss the treatment options and alternatives available to you – and potentially avoid more serious health problems in the future.’

The Long-Term Health Risks of Being Inactive

There are many health problems, both physical and mental that can result from the long-term effects of spending too long sitting.

You Could Begin Being More Active Right Now!

Max Atkinson advises that a great first step is to book an appointment with your Winchester Chiropractor! At Bradford House, we can assess your physical health with an initial assessment. During this, we can pinpoint the cause of any physical discomfort such as back pain or other joint pain and stiffness that is causing you problems while standing or walking, or having an impact on your mobility. If Chiropractic is appropriate, we can agree a treatment plan with you. Because Chiropractic offers a holistic approach, our treatments may include gentle, chiropractic adjustments to correct any biomechanical problems, advice on nutrition and diet, with the possible inclusion of some supplements, some exercises you can do at home to continue the good work and advice on helpful changes to your lifestyle.

Spend Less Time on Your Seat and More on Your Feet!

If you are at home during the day, use the car less! If it is possible to walk kids to school or nursery or to use a local grocery store or corner shop for small items you would normally have driven to the supermarket for, this will add steps to your day. Think about the household chores you do sitting down and consider whether you could do them standing up instead. At work, you could use meetings, presentations and making phone calls, times when you stand up rather than sit down. Using lunch breaks as an opportunity for a walk around the block, taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus or tube a stop earlier on the journey to and from work and walking part of the way are all good ideas that can more ‘on your feet’ time to your day without too much effort. The aim of the ‘On Your Feet Britain’ campaign is to help us all get more active, so get ahead of the curve, put these tips into practice today and encourage family and friends to do the same. If pain or mobility problem are holding you back, particularly if you are experiencing back pain while walking or standing, call your Winchester Chiropractor for an assessment today!

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