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Preventing Back Pain for Back Care Awareness Week

back painBackCare, the leading charity in the UK for those affected by neck or back pain problems, runs an awareness week on a different theme each year. The theme for this year’s Back Care Awareness Week (BCAW), which runs from 2nd – 6th October this year, is “Back Pain in Education”.

Back and neck pain affecting adults costs the UK economy £15bn and result in more than 4,000,000 lost working days every year. BackCare has decided to target children and young adults during BCAW this year because, many causes of back and neck pain in adults, result from children and young people not taking proper care of their backs as they grow up.

Three Minutes a Day Could Prevent Back Pain!

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has designed a simple three-minute exercise program for adults and children. These exercises will help to improve posture and help participants to prevent back pain if incorporated into the daily routine. The program, called “Straighten up UK” works on improving strength, flexibility, and balance in the spine.

The three-minute program is easy to learn and comprises specifically designed, precise, slow stretches. A warm-up, is followed by posture care, with a core balance section to finish. The BCA has produced a leaflet for adults and a separate one for children, demonstrating all the exercises in the program. You can download one for yourself, here (link to

If you have not exercised for some time or have a pre-existing problem with back pain, it would be wise to discuss the program with your Winchester Chiropractor, Max Atkinson, prior to beginning – as he will be able to advise you on adapting the exercises to your own capabilities if necessary.

Check Out Max Atkinson’s Top Tips for Preventing Back Pain

  1. Strengthen your Core Muscles with the “Straighten Up UK” exercise program mentioned above. Core muscles support the lower back and a strong core helps to prevent injury.
  2. Keep your weight in check. Being overweight puts extra strain on the back. If weight gain is a problem for you, take advice on correcting your diet and nutritional intake and increasing your exercise levels to get your weight back under control.
  3. Get workplace ergonomics right. Poor workplace ergonomics are responsible for a great deal of back pain. A good ergonomic chair that supports the lumbar spine, a footrest to enable feet to be placed squarely down, a standing desk that enables you to stand rather than sit for part of your working day, are all things that will help to protect your back at work.
  4. Take care when lifting. If lifting is part of your job, your employer is required (by law) to provide proper training to help prevent injury. The three simple rules are, keep your chest forward, keep the weight close to your body and lead with your hips (not your shoulders).
  5. Take care when travelling. Being in the same position for a long time on a car, train or plane journey can be very hard on the back and neck. Try to stretch your legs and hips every half an hour or so during your journey. Make use of a lumbar support pillow to support your lower spine. If you are likely to doze off, pack an inflatable neck pillow.

What if I already have back pain?

Although back pain affects an astonishing 80% of us at some time during our lives, the cause is most usually, biomechanical in origin, with no underlying disease process.

Your Winchester Chiropractor can help with this type of biomechanical back pain as well as with helping you to prevent back pain in the future so please call to arrange an appointment on 01962-861-188 now.




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